About the Right Foot Crawlers


The Right Foot Crawlers is a hardcore offroad "un-club" loosely based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


We are an "un-club" because we shun many of the traditional trappings of "club" culture. For example:


- We don't have meetings.

- We don't have an executive.

- We don't have a rule book or a constitution.

- We don't have a code of conduct - we're grownups, we don't need one.

- We don't have membership dues.


We are "hardcore" because of our outlook and attitude. Hardcore is not based on a tire size or horsepower rating, nor on any particular trail or type of wheeling.  Hardcore to us, means:


-We stick together and help each other.

-We challenge ourselves and each other.

-We can dish out, and take, a good-natured ribbing without hurtfeelings.

-We design, build, wheel, break, and rebuild our own junk.

-We don't whine - we learn, we progress, we push.


Most of all, the Right Foot Crawlers are a bunch of guys and girls that share a passion for serious hardcore 'wheeling, wrenching, fabbin', camping and good times. We're a gallery of rogues, a den of thieves, a clan.


Membership has its privileges. It means you will always have a group to turn to for kick-ass wheelin', to go on a road-trip, to borrow a tool, lend a hand or just kick back, enjoy a beverage, and shoot the breeze.